Approach MeeMaken

We manage every company from the same philosophy. But how we grow it and what we do together for that, requires customization.

Our step-by-step plan:


Making start starts with questions. What are the wishes of the owners or management? Where does the company want to be in five or ten years? Is there a strategy plan and what are the (operational) plans for the coming years? Who is the customer and what is their interest? What is the company’s distinctive character? What is the corporate culture and how is external and internal communication communicated? How do people interact with each other and who are the heroes? Of course this investigation starts with due diligence, but that is only the beginning.

The result must be that there is a good understanding of ambitions, figures, underlying causes and motives.

Determine strategy and Concrete Action Plan

In consultation with, among others, the management, MeeMaken determines whether and how the objectives should be adjusted. This (changed) vision for the long term must ultimately be clear to everyone. What are the common goals, are these clear and achievable, do we know what we stand for? We then translate this vision together with the organization into a strategic plan for the coming 3 years. That plan is concrete and detailed.

The result must be that it is clear to everyone why we do things the way we do, how we want to achieve our goals and what everyone contributes to them.

Keep learning

MeeMaken supports the company so that it can develop and grow further. Goals and plans are important starting points, but of course circumstances also change. To be able to follow this whole, an open view of the environment is needed, followed by a sharp analysis and the willingness to adjust things. That requires commitment, entrepreneurship and flexibility.

The result must be that the organization is constantly evolving to achieve the goals.

Monitoring of and tightening processes

Measuring is knowing. It is important to know where the organization stands in relation to the goals. That requires focus and attention. A clear and tight monthly reporting to monitor the development is the guideline. It is important that this should facilitate the “good conversation”. In this way they determine together whether the company is on the right track.

The result must be that we know where we stand and continuously do the right things well.

Working on relationships

MeeMaken believes in long-term relationships with customers and employees. The result is important and the road to it is important. This requires cooperation based on mutual trust.

The result must be that goal and people orientation are in balance.

Celebrating success

You must celebrate success. Only then will the hunger for success and the winner’s mentality remain.