MeeMaken Traineeship

Nov 18 2021
Caroline Kiszer

Have you just graduated from Higher Vocational Education (HBO) or University (WO) and do you have the ambition to build a career in technology? Why not consider a traineeship at the MeeMaken group?

A traineeship at MeeMaken is a graduate position that gives you, as an ambitious starter, the opportunity to develop yourself quickly, while working on challenging projects at our subsidiaries Selmers, KenzFigee and/or

During a period of 2 years you will perform various functions and projects at Selmers, KenzFigee and/or This allows you to gain lots of technical work experience in different fields and in different several roles. The program will focus on the combination of working and learning. After your traineeship you will be widely deployable within the MeeMaken group and you will move on to the company and position that suits you best.

Why you should choose for the MeeMaken Traineeship?

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You have a HBO bachelor’s or University master’s degree.
The fields of study we are looking for are: Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Software Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Maritime Engineering, Mechanical Engineering.

You have graduated before the start of the program.
There are no exceptions to this requirement. You will have to proof, no later than January 1 of the year in which you will start the traineeship, that you will be graduated on February 1 of that year. A post bachelor, second master or a completed PhD is counted as a new graduation date.

You graduated no more than 2 years ago, calculated from 1 February, the start date of the program.

Introduction and Education

When you start your traineeship, you will first receive an introduction to the first company where you will be working. You will also follow the MeeMaken trainee training, spread over your 2-year trainee period. In total there are about 22 training days. You will participate in various challenging projects, where you will acquire skills which you will benefit from in your career.

What to expect from the MeeMaken companies

  • Expert colleagues who are passionate about their work
  • Knowledge sharing with your colleagues
  • Great colleagues and a good working atmosphere
  • No-nonsense culture
  • Growing and ambitious organization
  • Various challenging projects, e.g. in the field of wind energy and robotics
  • Job guarantee after a successful traineeship


Are you interested in the MeeMaken Traineeship? That’s great news! We are looking forward to your motivation letter and CV. Please send it to You can also contact us on this email address if you have any questions left about the traineeship.