About MeeMaken

MeeMaken BV is an active participation company with a worldwide network and a strong portfolio of (online) learning and service companies for the energy sector. The MeeMaken group consists of Selmers, Eager.one, KenzFigee, Alltec Lifting Systems, Infosequre, eWorks, Blue Offshore, TopShore, Selrus, LiftWerx, Boon Software, L3online.com, Splintt and Philpaper. MeeMaken focuses on small to medium-sized companies (2 – 50 million turnover) and start-ups.

MeeMaken provides new perspectives

Roderik explains why the name MeeMaken was chosen

I saw the word “meemaken” (participate / experience together) in a book during my sabbatical after I left Mammoet. “This is who I am” is what I thought at that moment, and that can entail many things; it is the journey, emerging markets, investing in companies and making them “good” together. But it is also about finding companionship in the workplace and in the field.

Core values ​​of MeeMaken

  • Be constructive
  • Be connected
  • Be customer-oriented
  • Be respectful
  • Be daring
  • Act safely

Responsible entrepreneurship

MeeMaken encourages its companies to proactively respond to the Sustainable Development Goals by making innovation and sustainability part of their strategy. Based on the ambition to be socially relevant, MeeMaken strives to capitalize on long-term trends with its investments. MeeMaken wants to continuously increase its contribution to a better world and a better community.

MeeMaken supports The (zero) Hunger Project, an organization that is committed to eliminating chronic hunger worldwide. The vision of The Hunger Project is to make the local population more independent through training and education. In this way they get the “power” to do it themselves. The intention is that they become self-reliant. This is entirely in line with the vision of MeeMaken, where we believe in the power to develop our own employees.

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