Why MeeMaken

Why companies choose MeeMaken


MeeMaken provides new perspectives

Both for organizations and for every individual

Private funding

Because MeeMaken has its own funding, they are not dependent on banks.

Future oriented

MeeMaken is an active participation company, not a hedge fund. Our starting point is long-term participation. And by that we do not mean the well-known five years.

More than just work

You can successfully move mountains with pleasure, surrender and companionship.

Global network

MeeMaken has done business all over the world and are confronted with cultural differences and country’s own problems. This has not only yielded a lot of experience, but also a valuable international network.

The will to win

Talent is important, but the will to be the best day in and day out is indispensable.

The employees


MeeMaken believes in the vitality of employees and companies. With vitality, with energy, motivation and resilience you can move forward more easily. At MeeMaken, much attention is paid to vitality to ensure that employees feel healthy and are healthy. To this end, various vitality activities are organized during the year to which the subsidiaries are invited.

MeeMaken believes it is important to contribute to the personal and professional development of employees. Employees participate in decision-making processes at different levels. An onboarding program is offered to new employees and development chats are scheduled during the year. MeeMaken supports employees by offering training opportunities and flexible schedules. MeeMaken also has its own Academy in which various training courses are offered.


Every company stands alone, MeeMaken facilitates the right connection within a network of people and companies. By being part of a professional network in a family of companies.


Development is the basis for growth. You are responsible for your own development and growth and that of the company. MeeMaken facilitates the possibilities for this, you must seize the opportunities.

The environment and the world


Asking, giving and receiving feedback and being open to change creates space in and for business.


Innovation is the key to a rapidly changing environment in which sustainability is essential for a better world for future generations. That is why innovation is one of the driving forces behind the vision of MeeMaken.

To invest

MeeMaken believes that collaboration is the best investment you can make. By investing in a powerful collaboration you will achieve a sustainable end result faster and cheaper.

Flexible investment period

MeeMaken has no fixed investment period. Goals must be realistic and challenging. This means that the investment period differs per participation, but in general the long-term objectives prevail

Majority and minority interests

MeeMaken invests both as a majority and as a minority shareholder. With this we offer companies, among other things, the opportunity to raise capital and at the same time retain a majority stake.