Get Moving for a Good Cause!

Thursday, July 6th is the day… The 2nd MeeMaken Energize Event kicks off! On this day, around 100 colleagues from all Dutch MeeMaken companies will come together to generate energy and actively raise awareness for a more sustainable world.

Participants of the Energize Event collect will raise money by getting active together. By means of their sporty activities they generate energy points that MeeMaken converts into donations for two charitable causes: the restoration of the Gewocha Forest in Ethiopia and the Plastic Soup Foundation.

Also wish to donate?

Do you also support this action and the charities involved? There is an opportunity to contribute without participating in sports.

Read below to learn more about both charities and why MeeMaken is supporting them this year. You will find a link for each charity to directly access the applicable donation page. Your gift will go directly to the account of the chosen charity, assigned to our selected project.

Thank you in advance for your generous contribution!

The Hunger Project Netherlands

Gewocha Forest Ethiopia

MeeMaken has been supporting the work of The Hunger Project for many years. Since last year, we have been supporting the restoration of the Gewocha Forest in Ethiopia. The Hunger Project and WeForest are working together to strengthen the living standards, food security, and biodiversity in order to mitigate the effects of climate change and make the communities resilient and self-reliant.

This sustainable project aligns with MeeMaken’s vision, which places emphasis on the development of both people and nature.

Plastic Soup Foundation

Join the fight against plastic pollution!

The mission of the Plastic Soup Foundation, in short, is to put an end to the tsunami of plastic soup as quickly as possible! If we don’t succeed, we will burden future generations with the consequences of a terrible plague.

Participants who choose to walk or paddleboard during the MeeMaken Energize Event can combine their activity with a clean-up, thus helping to make the environment cleaner.

In addition to that, by raising funds for the Plastic Soup Foundation, we are also making a contribution to stopping plastic pollution at its source.

Together, we are building a better world

The MeeMaken Energize Event doesn’t happen out of nowhere. As MeeMaken companies, we have set ourselves the goal of making the greatest possible contribution to a sustainable world. We want to make an impact on the energy transition with the companies in our group and be a positive force for sustainable business.

The Sustainable Development Goals, as defined by the United Nations, serve as an important guideline for us. These SDGs may sound ambitious and distant, but if we all become more aware of how we spend our energy in our daily lives, we can already take significant steps together in this area.

About the MeeMaken Energize Event

In 2022, we organized the first MeeMaken Energize Event. Nearly 100 colleagues participated by engaging in various sports activities such as walking, running, cycling, kayaking, and paddleboarding. Some even took part in an 1/8th triathlon! Supporters were also welcome and had the opportunity to raise funds.

All these sporty activities were converted into energy points, which resulted in a total of €10,000. Half of the funds were donated to the Gewocha Forest in Ethiopia, and the other half was invested in sustainable initiatives within the companies of the MeeMaken group. This year, all raised funds will go directly to the two charitable causes.