As MeeMaken, we take ownership for a better, sustainable future. We do not believe in THE world, THE people and THE environment, but in OUR world, OUR people and OUR environment.

We have set ourselves the goal of contributing to a sustainable world by continuously increasing our contribution to a better world and community and improving our goals. We are not there yet and we are aware of it. But by taking our responsibility every day and striving for a sustainable world, we want to be a positive force in the direction of sustainable business.

Our Goals

In order to contribute towards better global sustainability, MeeMaken adheres to the core principles of the ISO 26000. The ISO 26000 provides guidance to those who recognize that respect for society and environment is a critical success factor.

We encourage our companies to proactively respond to these goals by, for example, making innovation and sustainability part of their strategy.

Good for our world

MeeMaken supports The (zero) Hunger Project, an organization committed to eliminating chronic hunger worldwide. The vision of The Hunger Project is to make the local population more independent through training and education. In this way they get the “power” to do it themselves.

They are meant to become self-reliant. This is completely in line with the vision of MeeMaken, where we believe in the developmental power of our own employees.

For more than 5 years we have been supporting The (zero) Hunger Project, making the local population more independent.

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Good for our environment

Affordable & Clean Energy · Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Innovation is key in a rapidly changing environment, here sustainability is essential for a better world for our future generations. Innovation is therefore one of the motivations within MeeMaken’s sustainability vision, which is also actively encouraged by the companies within the group. Budgets are made available to companies to support innovation.

We are convinced that with continuous attention for new, creative and innovative solutions, with the motivation for a clean world, this will lead to a better future and more successful entrepreneurship.

Good for our people

Good Health & Well-being · Quality Education

At MeeMaken, we pay a lot of attention to ensure that employees feel healthy. To this end, several vitality activities are organized throughout the year, to which employees from all companies in the group are invited. These are sports activities as well as social activities.

But a lot is also being done in the field of mental vitality. For example, through possibilities for exchange between the companies, for short projects or for the longer term. And there is a lot of attention for personal development. This is made possible by our own MeeMaken Academy, which offers tailor-made workshops and training courses.

With our MeeMaken Academy we offer our employees education and training to work on their personal development.

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