By working together this way, we help each other move forward

We are celebrating ten years of MeeMaken. How? By putting one of the thirteen MeeMaken companies in the spotlight each month. This time, we’re talking to Natasja Jager, CEO of BeOne Development, about the key word: Ambition. “Every day, we get closer to realizing our vision.” 

Natasja Jager

Does the term ‘ambition’ suit BeOne Development?

“Absolutely. With BeOne Development, we aim to offer our digital learning solutions with strong content and scalability,” says Natasja. “Whether it’s for one or ten thousand users, our applications should be user-friendly, accessible, and easy to distribute. We strive for a ‘one-click’ feel, both for our own sales and for sales through our resellers. That’s our current ambition that we are working hard on.”

“BeOne Development is part of MeeMaken and consists of four companies: eWorks, Infosequre, Splintt, and Philpaper,” Natasja explains. “Internally, we refer to the latter as BeOne Software Tools, where we bring together all the applications and tools from the companies. This includes Beansters’ software as well. Previously, Beansters was a separate company within the MeeMaken group, but we recently merged their applications into BeOne. With the labels falling under BeOne, we focus on learning content solutions and their distribution. This includes safety courses, instructional training, or onboarding, always with a focus on the domains of physical safety, information security, sustainability, and compliance. Since the beginning of this merger, our ambition has been to do all of this from one single platform.”

“Every day, we get closer to realizing our vision.”

Does this collaboration work well among all labels?

“Certainly! We create the training courses with the Content Management System (CMS) developed by Beansters. This is the system in which we write and develop the modules and micro-learnings. For the distribution of these training courses, we use the Philpaper Learning Management System – a kind of digital bookshelf,” says Natasja. “And for workplace learning, we use our DareToCare App to quickly access information, report incidents, and receive notifications. Additionally, we have a set of assessment tools to measure aspects such as behavior, attitude, skills, and resistance. With these tools, we collect data to create customized offers. We do this on behalf of the different labels, to provide the best possible service to our users and resellers. Our ambition is to connect all our applications and develop one platform where everything comes together. Good collaboration is essential for this.”

What exactly is your ambition?

“As mentioned before, we are working hard to bring our applications together on a common platform to create a one-stop-shop. A place where our customers and resellers only need one account to access all learning solutions for safety, cyber security, sustainability, and compliance,” says Natasja. “Additionally, we aim to personalize the offerings more – at an individual or group level. Based on a user’s behavior we want to be able to offer a Next Best Learning. Also, we want to determine the specific learning path for each user, based on a set of questions or someone’s behavior. For example, did someone click on a phishing link, read an instruction thoroughly, and operate a machine or system correctly? The outcome will determine the learning path. Measuring actual behavior raises privacy issues, but it is the direction we are heading towards. These are ambitious plans in a field that is constantly evolving.”

"We are working hard to bring our applications together on a common platform to create a one-stop-shop.”

How does MeeMaken contribute to achieving this ambition?

“MeeMaken has played a significant role by bringing the companies together,” says Natasja. “MeeMaken is now the parent company of BeOne Development. They have also integrated the content and distribution solutions, which is already an essential part of our goal. And now, as we aim to consolidate everything under one platform, MeeMaken also provides financial support. A substantial portion of the funding is financed from our own revenue. However, software development is costly, time-consuming, and requires continuous improvement. Therefore, the development of our new system is being done incrementally. MeeMaken believes in our idea but wants to see results from the step-by-step approach. Which makes sense as financing the entire plan at once carries risks—in the end it still needs to be sold.”

“In addition to this support, MeeMaken also contributes to the dissemination of BeOne Development’s products. For example, the MeeMaken Academy was developed using our software. And from that Academy, MeeMaken acts as a reseller of our product towards the other portfolio companies. And maybe even to companies outside MeeMaken! By working together in this way, we help each other progress.”

What are your plans for the future?

“Our current focus is on realizing our ambition. We have taken the initial steps and restructured our organization to better support our primary processes,” says Natasja. “We have a clear understanding of our roadmaps. We know where our inefficiencies lie and what we can do to improve them. This includes automation, as well as adopting a different perspective on the journey our customers and resellers go through. Additionally, we want to gain insights into user data wherever possible. This will allow us to shape our platform and applications in a way that benefits our users the most. With insights from the data, we can also offer various products. We aim to provide our resellers with insights into their customers’ data and their needs. The platform will become that one-stop-shop from which we, the resellers, and of course, the end-users will all benefit.”